About us

ReformTech is a CleanTech company that delivers cutting edge heating solutions for a better environment and a sustainable future.

ReformTech develops, manufactures and sells the world´s cleanest heaters, based on a unique technology platform of clean and catalytic fuel processing. ReformTech´s outstanding technology enables superior heating performance, reduced power vs. weight/size ratio as well as reduced emissions through a unique reactor design and catalytic combustion.

ReformTech´s customers are mainly global vehicle OEM´s and large system integrators. The heaters are also suitable for customers from the retrofit and aftermarket applications.

our mission and vision

  • Our Mission is to make the World more cost and energy efficient, and environmentally friendly with existing technology and todays fuels!
  • Our Vision is to create a new global industrial player in environmental technologies focusing primarily on the Vehicle industry!

our contacts:

claes hofmann, CEo

Telephone: +46 76 78 78 999
E-mail: claes.hofmann@reformtech.se

Bård Lindström, CTO & Founder

Telephone: +46-70-2287001
E-mail: bard.lindstrom@reformtech.se


daniel kernell, CFO

Telephone: +46-70-1458051
E-mail: daniel.kernell@reformtech.se

Mattias Mårtensson, EVP sales & marketing

Telephone: +46-76-0509655
E-mail: mattias.martensson@reformtech.se