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Here you can find frequently asked questions about the Calaer air heaters. Please, also consult the instruction manual that can be downloaded from the Documents section.

Q1: Some heat is lost when long duction is being used in the heating system. How can the heat losses be reduced?

  • Calaer recommends conventional insulation material from any shop, make sure the material is not sensitive to moist and temperatures up to 100 C
  • Use a 90 mm ducting as the insulation, simply put the 60mm ducting inside the 90 mm tube in order to get an insulation function.

Q2: Should the exhaust muffler be used inside a boat?

  • The exhaust muffler should not be used inside a boat, see also Calaer Marine Add-on Kit Manual, (figure 1). The muffler is equipped with condence drain holes, which will also let some exhaust out.

Q3: Should exhaust paste be used in order to have a leak free exhaust system?

  • Normally exhaust paste should not be needed. In some cases, it might be needed. If so, make sure the exhaust paste is only used on the outside of the exhaust system. If the paste is distributed to the inside of the exhaust system, the exhaust flow might be hindered causing malfunction or damage to the heater, personell and/or other equipment. Make sure to also follow the exhaust paste manufacturers instructions.

Q4: Can the heater be connected to any 12/24V power outlet?

  • No. The heater shall be installed according to the instructions in the Heater installation manual. Normally a power outlet like a cigarette lighter power outlet cannot deliver the current needed for the heater which might cause malfunction and/or damage or melting of the outlet or cabling. Remember to always install a fuse, according to the installation manual, between the battery and the heater.