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Water heaters

Superior Combustion Technology
The unique and patented design of the combustion chamber enables the liquid droplet spray to vaporize and burn completely in gas phase

Unrivalled emission performance, with zero particulate matter exhaust and less greenhouse gas emittance, making it compliant with today’s and tomorrow’s requirements –way below EURO VI standards

Advanced Power Control
§Proprietary software to regulate the heater’s power output depending on the ambient and indoor temperature
§Always running with optimal performance minimizes fuel consumption, allowing for additional cost savings and less emissions

Automatic Fuel Optimization
Mixture between fuel and air is automatically controlled to get the optimum combustion conditions. Designed to be compatible with Diesel (EN 590), HVO, RME (B100), FAME (EN 14214)
§No need for manual adjustments reduces expensive downtime to reset the heaters after fuel type, improving the economics for operators


10-16 kW Water heater

23-32 kW water heater