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Air heaters

A robust, reliable and quiet air heater with a competitive price. The heater is easy to install and serve and is suited for automotive as well as RV or leisure marine applications.

The Calaer series provides continuous heating ensuring a pleasant cabin temperature. It is operated via a step-less thermostatic rotary control and delivers heat between 2 and 4 kW. The heater is supplied together with a mounting kit adapted for either automotive or marine applications.  The heater can be upgraded with more sophisticated controllers and ducting kits.

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Key features:

  • Robust and reliable performance
  • Quiet and compact
  • Competitive price
  • Available as a complete installation kit for quick and easy retrofitting
  • Easy to install and serve
  • Low operating costs
  • Wide variety of accessories and controllers

Calaer 2 kW

calaer 4 kW

Technical Data
ECE Approval Declared



Fuel consumption

Rated Voltage

Power Consumption

Working Temperature



Hot air outlet

Calaer 2 Series
R122 (heater)
R10 (EMC)

1 to 2,2  kW


0,13-0,30   l/h

12/24  V

19-41 W

-40 to +40 ⁰ C

Length 350 mm                    
Width 124 mm                 
Height 130 mm

3,1 kg

Ø60 mm

Calaer 4 Series
NumberR122 (heater)
R10 (EMC)

2 to 4 (4,4) kW


0,25-0,48   l/h

12/24 V

19-48 W

-40 to +40 ⁰ C

Length 403 mm                    
Width 150 mm                 
Height 160 mm

5,1 kg

Ø90 mm