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Empowering Ultra Low Emission Vehicles

Reformtech designs, manufactures and sells environment friendly heaters to the global automotive market 

With its robust, clean and field-tested technology, ReformTech offers reliable solutions that underpin the growth in hybrid and electric vehicles. Conventional combustion heaters have been in the market since the early 1970s and are unfit for the Ultra-Low Emission agenda. Meanwhile, electric heaters consume a significant part of the energy budget –reducing operating range by as much as 50%. ReformTech’s products offer clean combustion while reserving 100% of energy budget to the powertrains

  • State-of-the-art design that incorporates the latest technology.
  • High quality products that extend life time and reduces cost of ownership.
  • World class manufacturing partners that ensures cost-effective and quality-assured production.

ReformTech's outstanding technology enables superior heating performance as well as reduced emissions through a unique reactor design and unmatched control logic.

ReformTech's customers are mainly global vehicle OEM´s and large system integrators. The heaters are also suitable for customers from the retrofit and aftermarket applications.

our mission and vision

  • Our Mission is to make the World more cost and energy efficient, and environmentally friendly with existing technology and todays fuels!
  • Our vision is to reduce the global emissions by become a leading company that can take significant market share in a global market