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Airheater installation article
Great article in SnowRider and Street&Strip Magazine (in Swedish) about installtion of our heaters in a vehicle!​ ​Read full aricle here!​

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ReformTech CTO Dr. Bård Lindström awarded!
ReformTech Newsletter 2016-01

Our Product Range

ReformTech provides heaters for a diversity of applications. Choose between state of the art fuel fired heaters, catalytic heaters and electrical heaters.


Clean Heaters

ReformTech has designed a unique set of clean heaters with high thermal efficiency and ultralow emission of particles, carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrous oxides (NOX). The heaters are equipped with an innovative start-up design which allows the user with in

Catalytic heaters

Catalytic heaters with high thermal efficiency and ultralow emissions

Electrical heaters

Electrical heaters for your comfort

Air heaters

Air heaters make your vehicle more comfortable and cost-effective, fit for cold days and nights. You can run it with the engine turned off thereby preventing the engine from idling.

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The ReformTech heaters are mainly utilized in automotive applications for heating of engine, exhaust system, compartment, and battery pre-heating.

Other applications are heating in mobile homes or boats as well as for other commercial and military applications where efficiency, signature and environmental impacts are vital to the user.

ReformTech's heater platform has also been optimized for use in stationary applications where parameters as efficiency, robustness, and cost are important. ​



Be a step ahead and choose a ReformTech Heater


Reliable, clean and fuel saving heating solutions



Recreational Vehicles

Clean, reliable heat for your comfort

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ReformTech strives to improve our customers´ solutions by implementing technologies that increase their total performance without ever compromising neither the safety of users nor the environment we live in.

The core of the ReformTech products is a flexible platform that allows for the construction of a compact and robust fuel reformer that can be adopted to a variety of fuels. Furthermore, the heaters can be scaled up and down in power to solve specific pains and contribute to specific needs and integration demands of our customers.

​The compact design allows the system designer to create an efficient system with quick start-up times and lower energy demands on auxillary components such as valves and compressors.

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